Luis Cloves (Rio de Janeiro, 1952), aka Pardal, which in English means “sparrow.” Free like a bird, this Brazilian craftsman decided to build his nest in Córdoba more than twenty-five years ago after travelling the world. Self-taught, he has been able to express the techniques and influences acquired during his travels in his work, achieving a personal result of the highest quality that reflects his way of working: anything that is well done serves as a channel to communicate with other people, as well as a channel for knowledge and self-improvement.

He has different lines of work and never mass produces: “I always think that what I do is wonderful and that the customer who approaches me has the necessary sensibility and can see its quality.” In fact, his works come with “after-sales service” included, since he always personally guarantees every one of his pieces. His signature is engraved onto each product.

The bracelets are the most recent addition to his catalogue, which opens a world of possibilities, and he always approaches them with the same brilliance and kindness. Look for his signature on his line of bracelets: “Pardalius” offers you quality and design in leather handicrafts.

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