Alfar Baraka

Alfar-Baraka was created with the goal of bringing caliphal pottery back to Córdoba, which was the pioneer in working with this material. It was founded as a cooperative, as a part of the “Social Economy.”

The research work began in October 1981 under the expert guidance of Hisae Yanase Sudo, the well-known ceramicist at the national and international levels, and who has since been a professor at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios Aplicadas (Applied Arts and Trades School) in Córdoba.

Beginning from scratch, the research work was begun at the original sites: the Medina-Azahara Archaeological Remains Research Centre, the Archaeological Museum, Private Collections, etc. Different techniques, engobes, oxides, etc. were analysed, always remaining true to the original sources used in creating the artesanal piece. After several years of study and research, a type of pottery unique to our region has begun being exported, and we received a work accreditation certificate.

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