Cerámica Rakú

Taller de Cerámica RAKÚ (RAKÚ Pottery Studio) began its story in Córdoba (Spain) around 1984.

After researching various topics in different fields of pottery, it has focused its creations on the techniques of outer coating, under coating, and cuerda seca, as well as different techniques for making reproductions of ancient pottery.

The features that define the mark of Taller de Cerámica RAKÚ are the recovery and conservation of handicraft work. This allows us to certify that our pieces are completely handmade, without using any type of industrial machinery. This helps endow all of our work with the quality that only an artisan’s hands can give it.

Our product offer also includes specially-made pieces of all kinds, whether they are murals, signs, reproduction pieces for restorations, special designs, etc.

Our service is personalised and caters to the needs and concerns of each customer.

Pottery courses and individual lessons are also taught at our studio.

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