El Taller del Artesano

Jose María Ruiz began working as a self-taught leather craftsman at the end of the 1970s, alternating it with other types of handicraft work, until creating EL TALLER DEL ARTESANO (The Craftsman’s Studio) in 1992.

At that point, he began working exclusively with leather, researching different types of skin and production techniques.

From a creative point of view, he has gradually moved towards simplicity in his designs, eliminating sumptuousness in decoration and simply combining stitching as a decorative element on plain surfaces, where the textures and skin combinations do the rest.

During all this time, he has worked with decorative items such as leather goods, naturally tending towards artisanal products that lie outside fashion or trends.

In recent years he has offered different ideas for company gifts; far from mainstream concepts, he offers alternative, personalised items.

He works with both vegetable- and chrome-tanned leather, depending simply on the requirements of each design.

He sells part of his work at the Association of Craftspeople of Córdoba store, the organisation which he has been a member of since its creation in 1986.

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