Taller Al-Batik

In my batik technique, which is ancient art from Indonesia that is completely handmade, I produce decorated cloths for pictures, lamps, room dividers, roller shades, and a long list of other things that range from handkerchiefs to theatre decorations.

The type of drawings can be ethnic, landscape, or abstract, although since moving to Cordoba, I have been inspired by Arab motifs and flamenco dances.

To create a batik, the following things are necessary:

- Fabrics (cotton or silk)
- Beeswax
- Natural dyes

First, the desired motifs are drawn on the fabric. The part of the drawing that we do not want to take the colour is covered with beeswax, and the fabric is then immersed in the dye.

This process is repeated each time a colour is to be added. At the end, the fabric is ironed using absorbent paper to remove the wax.

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