“ACA-ZOCO” Sales exhibition venue

The name we have adopted for our store, simply reflects the initials of our association and the place where it is located, ZOCO MUNICIPAL of Cordoba (Artisans Market). It is situated in the Judíos Street, between the Synagogue and the Maimonides Square, halfway between the Mosque-Cathedral and the Puerta de Almodovar, right in the Jewish Quarter.

This peculiar venue dedicated to the city’s craft was created by the City Council in the fifties, in the last century, and was the first Craft Market created in Spain.

Following the different stages this enclosure has been through, where handicrafts were alternated with cultural activities, it went through a period of important neglect, and in the eighties, the City Council decided to re-launch this market for its original use.

In the year 1986 ten craftsmen got installed in the existing workshops of the venue, and a year later the Cordovan Association of Artisans was awarded the premises they occupy today.

This market is in almost all tourist guides of the city as a place of native crafts, so it’s a mandatory reference site for anyone visiting our city who wants to find products made by our craftsmen.

The store, which is managed by the Association’s artisans themselves, is ranked within the European Quality Craftsmanship Trade Guide, and has the distinctive SICTED (Quality System Tourist Destination).

This business experience, so unique, has also been a pioneer in terms of crafts trade managed by artisans.

The idea emerged immediately after having the premises and seeing in them a great opportunity to market part of our workshops’ production. After various forms of management we saw the need to become managers ourselves.

Thus, we only sell products made by us or by associated artisans.

Naturally this limits the supply that we provide, but at the same time we guarantee the authenticity of the products on sale.

Throughout this time we have been improving our customer service, we have implemented an after sales service ensuring the customer that his/her purchase really fits an item made by artisans of our association and they can claim with confidence that we will listen to their demands.

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