Terms of purchase

The present General Conditions have the aim to regulate the relation between Asociación Cordobesa de Artesanos (in forward artesaniadecordoba.com) and You  (In forward the Client), relative to the commercialization of purchase and sale of handicraft.

The present general conditions of sale do not constitute an offer of sale, but a mere invitation for the business accomplishment. In this sense, we inform you that will not exist any contract between You and artesaniadecordoba.com in relation with any product until you have not requested the purchase of a product and artesaniadecordoba.com has accepted it. In case that you had realized the order and artesaniadecordoba.com had charged your account, if your offer finally is not accepted by artesaniadecordoba.com, the totality of the amount will be restored in your account.

To realize an order, You will have to follow the procedure of purchase online that is detailed in this Web. All the orders will be subject to the confirmation and acceptance of artesaniadecordoba.com. In this sense, the formalization of the contract for the purchase will be realized when artesaniadecordoba.com has sent you the confirmation and acceptance of the order.

From the moment artesaniadecordoba.com accepts the order, You will acquire the condition of Client derived from the provision of services that is described in these General Conditions. Any service offered later by You will have to be an object of a new contracting.

Prices and postage and handling
The prices applicable to every product are the indicated in artesaniadecordoba.com's web page in the date of the order including all of them the corresponding VAT (Value-added tax).

Sales will be due marked and identified as such, indicating the previous price and the price of the current reduction. Prices will be able to change at any time, without concerning the orders that already had been realized and accepted by artesaniadecordoba.com.

Shipping charges for purchases made and accepted by artesaniadecordoba.com shall be as defined in the purchase process depending on shipping destination and weight of the products.

Method of payment

The payment of the purchases will be done by credit card: Visa and Mastercard.

Likewise, artesaniadecordoba.com will also accept the payment by bank transfer to the following account number: 2100 3385 30 2200135232 of  La Caixa or to the account number: 0182 3173 2 1 0201596485, or IBAN: ES67 0182 3173 21 0201596485, or SWIFT code: BBVAESMMXXX of bank BBVA.

The delivery of your products will be realized by a carrier hired by artesaniadecordoba.com. When your order goes out of the store, artesaniadecordoba.com sends you an e-mail informing that the sending is already in traffic. In that moment the transporter will contact you to deliver the product requested in the domicile that it has been indicated. The delivery time will be of 15-20 labor days from the confirmation of the payment. The product will be delivered in the domicile that You have indicated. Products will be sent from Monday to Fridays excluding holiday.

Impossibility of delivery

In case that the delivery turns out to be impossible, we will try to contact You to look for a sure place and realize the delivery. If artesaniadecordoba.com cannot find a sure place the order will be returned to our store.

It is necessary to bear in mind that the storage and new sending of the product can have an aftercost.

If You don’t receive the order in the indicated term you can contact artesaniadecordoba.com by the telephone (+34) 957204033 or by an email to correo@artesaniadecordoba.com.

If the product does not have a fault of manufacture:

You have a term of 15 days from the date of receipt of the article to return it.

To return it:

- The product mustn’t be used.

- You must make the return via the menu "My Account" on the website of artesaniadecordoba.com.

- You will have to include all the original packaging, the instructions,delivery note and the documents attached. The product must be sent in the same conditions you received it.

- We will not accept returns of personalized articles or made-to-measure.

We will contact you to send you the transporter and gather the product.

The expenses of the transporter will be chargeable to You.

artesaniadecordoba.com will examine the article and will report you if you have right or not to the return. In case that artesaniadecordoba.com proceeds to the return of the product, we will not reverberate any additional expense apart of the expenses of the sending of returning the article. artesaniadecordoba.com will return the amount by the same form of payment that you used, likewise will inform the Client of the amount that will be returned to him.

If the product is defective or erroneous:

artesaniadecordoba.com guarantees the quality of its products and of the service, but if for mistake you receive a product you didn’t ask for or it is in a defective condition, you can contact us to the telephone (+34) 957204033 or send an e-mail to the following direction correo@artesaniadecordoba.com. The Client will have to follow the steps indicated in the previous paragraph.

artesaniadecordoba.com will contact You to fix day and hour when the package will be gathered.

artesaniadecordoba.com will examine carefully the returned product and will report to the Client by an e-mail in the term of 10 days if it proceeds to the return or substitution of the same one. In case of return, the full quantity will be reimbursed entirely, included the expenses and the cost to return it. The amount will be returned by the same support that the Client used to pay the purchase in the maximum period of 30 days.


If You need to change or cancel your order, you will be able to do it calling immediately to the telephone (+34) 957204033 or sending an e-mail to correo@artesaniadecordoba.com. If the order is already in traffic and out of our store it will not be possible to realize changes or cancellations and artesaniadecordoba.com will send it as you requested it.


Including but not limited to, artesaniadecordoba.com will not assume responsibility any derivative of:

Acts or omissions of third parties, with independence of these third parties could be joined to artesaniadecordoba.com by contractual agreement.

Of the access of minors to the contents included in this web site, being a responsibility of their progenitors or tutors to exercise a control adapted on the activity of the children or minors to their post, or to install some of the control tools of the Internet use in order to avoid (i) the access to materials or not suitable contents for minors, as well as the (ii) the sending of personal information without the previous authorization of their progenitors or tutors.

Of the communications or dialogs in the course of the communications in artesaniadecordoba.com's blog and virtual communities that are organized across or half-close to the web and / or webs of link, it will not even answer, therefore, of the eventual hurts and damages that suffer the particular and / or collective users as a result of the above mentioned communications and / or dialogs.

Failures or incidents that could take place in the communications, so that there is no guarantee that services of the web site are constant operative.

artesaniadecordoba.com will not be responsible in any case when mistakes or delays take place in the sending of its products for reasons beyond its control.

In any case, artesaniadecordoba.com promises to solve the problems that could arise and to offer the whole necessary support to the Clients to come to a rapid and satisfactory solution of the incident.



The Client must realize a lawful use of the services, without infringe the in force legislation, nor to injure the rights and interests of third persons.

The Client guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the information facilitated on having completed the forms of contracting, avoiding the cause of damages to artesaniadecordoba.com for the incorrectness of the same ones.

The breach of any of these Conditions could mean a retreat or cancellation of artesaniadecordoba.com’s services without need of notice to the Client and without the right of some indemnification.

9.-GUARANTEE OF artesaniadecordoba.com's PRODUCTS
artesaniadecordoba.com guarantees that products you find to the sale in the web site www.artesaniadecordoba.com.es offer the maximum quality. You assume that all products from artesaniadecordoba.com are handmade therefore it can be minor variations in size and color compared with the characteristics of each product available on the website.

In case of defective product, artesaniadecordoba.com will have to proceed, as correspond, to the repair, substitution, reduction of the price or resolution of the contract, negotiations that will be free for the Client. There will be understood that the articles dedicated to the client are consent to the contract if they fulfill all the requirements:

a) Adjust to the description realized by artesaniadecordoba.com and possess the qualities of the product.

b) Are suitable for the uses to which ordinarily there are destined the products of the same type.

c) Present the quality and habitual presentations of a product of the same type for that the consumer and user could wait on good grounds, given the nature of the product.

The guarantee does not include the deficiencies caused for negligence, blows, use or wrong manipulations, not for the wear for his normal use. There remain excluded from the guarantee the products modified or altered by the client or a third party foreign to the professional equipment of artesaniadecordoba.com.

To use the guarantee, there is indispensable the conservation of the voucher or delivery note of artesaniadecordoba.com's.

The seller answers of the lacks of conformity that should demonstrate in the period of two years from the delivery. The consumer and user will have to inform the seller of the lack of conformity in a period of 15 since he/she had knowledge of it.


In fulfillment of the established in the Organic Law 15/1999, of Protection of Information of Personal Character, we inform you that the fulfillment of any existing form so much in physic support as in the web site www.artesaniadecordoba.com.es or the reference of an e-mail to any of our mailboxs:

1 º.-Will be treated by them by the maximum confidentiality and will form a part of the files Asociación Cordobesa de Artesanos  Calle de los Judíos, s/n, 14004 Córdoba, for his management and to give response to the same ones, as well as for the commercial management that artesaniadecordoba.com links with the Client, and the sending by e-mail of the sales that artesaniadecordoba.com realizes, for the delivery of the bought products, and the information about the offers that we create for the interest of the Client providing that he/she has not demonstrated expressly its denial.

2 º.-Implies the acceptance of the privacy politics (reflected in the same web site www.artesaniadecordoba.com.es), as well as the authorization to artesaniadecordoba.com in order to treat the personal information that the Client facilitates to it. artesaniadecordoba.com presumes that the information has been introduced by his holder or by the person authorized by this one, as well as that they are correct and exact.

In conformity with the in force legislation as for protection of information, artesaniadecordoba.com has adopted the safety levels adapted to the information facilitated by the Clients and, in addition, it has installed all the means and measures to avoid the loss, wrong use, alteration, not authorized access and extraction of the same ones.

The Client can exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition and repeal of the given assent, by written communication directed to Asociación Cordobesa de Artesanos  Calle de los Judíos, s/n, 14004 Córdoba, as well as sending an e-mail to the direction: correo@artesaniadecordoba.com, or calling to the telephone number: (+34) 957204033.



artesaniadecordoba.com will be able to solve the contract for breaching any of the obligations established in the present General Conditions.


The rights of intellectual and industrial property on the brands, logos, any other one capable of protection and contents in artesaniadecordoba.com's web page correspond in sole right to artesaniadecordoba.com except that in the same ones is indicated any different ownership. The reproduction, distribution, commercialization or transformation not authorized of such brands, logos, etc. constitutes an infraction of intellectual and industrial rights property of artesaniadecordoba.com or of the holder of the same ones, and it could exercise all the judicial or extrajudicial actions that could correspond them in the exercise of their rights.

Likewise, the information to which the Client can accede through this web page, can be protected by rights of industrial, intellectual property or of another nature. artesaniadecordoba.com will not be responsible in any case and under any concept of the infractions of such rights that could commit as user.


These General Conditions of Sale are ruled by the Spanish law. The parts surrender, to their choice, for the resolution of conflicts and with resignation to any other jurisdiction, to the courts of the domicile of the user.